It’s cool to be underwater, but the Endless Ocean Luminous lacks a little action

Have you always wanted to swim with a dolphin? In Endless Ocean Luminous, this is possible. But is this as fun as it sounds?

Endless ocean Isn’t this a well-known address?

certainly. On the Wii we were really surprised by the underwater world in which you swim as a diver. Fish of all shapes and sizes, the most beautiful coral reefs, secret underwater caves, and sunken shipwrecks. It makes sense that there was a great sequel fifteen years ago. And now there with Luminous Part 3.

what is he talking about?

Don’t expect a rollercoaster where you have to defeat enemies and swim away from a school of stampeding sharks. Endless ocean As usual, he tries to get to the heart of diving. Relax and enjoy all the underwater beauty. While swimming you can photograph the fish and get information about the species. Calm images surrounded by soothing music. The game couldn’t be more relaxing.

Is there a challenge?

If you like collecting stickers and colors for your wetsuit, yes. You can also feel good about picking up the full catalog of 500 marine creatures, and there’s a tender story as you try to save endangered coral. But the story is nothing more than a series of short clips strung together. Not really worth it. However, multiplayer, in which you go on an expedition with 30 divers at the same time, is a great new thing.

Is the third part better than its famous predecessors?

Here lies the essence. Sometimes it seems as if this is just a harbinger. The real game is yet to come. For example, interaction with fish is missing. You can swim a little with the dolphins, but the opportunity to pet them or play with them is lost. Your divers base used to be a ship or an island, but it’s also gone. There just feels like things are missing. Just like the weapons in your equipment. Not that you need them, because sharks no longer pose a danger.

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It looks a bit like a light version of it Endless ocean .

This is what it feels like. It’s really nice to do your first dive. You feel amazing underwater, but this feeling fades after a few missions. Then the game repeats, you see the same wrecked ship again, search for a cave again and do nothing but catch a fish with your camera. If the controller vibrates, printing has failed. To be honest, I saw it quickly. Boredom strikes very quickly underwater.

Then this main question, is swimming with dolphins fun?

I think so. But in real life. It’s hot under the belly of the whale The endless ocean is illuminated A wonderful place to be, it’s nice to see the puffer fish sticking out their spines up close, and by looking at the turtles swimming, you can quickly enter zen mode. But there’s too little going on underwater to fall in love with coral reefs.

The endless ocean is illuminated To switch. Developer and publisher Nintendo. Age 3+.

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