70 years since Elizabeth’s coronation

On June 2, 1953, the time finally came: the very young Elizabeth was officially crowned Queen of the United Kingdom. Today, exactly seventy years later, we look back at that event.

Coronation ceremony

After her father died in February 1952, the time came in June 1953: 25-year-old Elizabeth would ascend the throne. There was definitely a lot of work involved in planning the coronation, and everything had to be thought through to the smallest detail.

What is more important at such a moment than your appearance as a new king? So it was clear that Elizabeth’s dress had to be very special. After nine (!) versions, designer Norman Hartnell’s final design was ready. Special detail: Multiple layers of horse hair were used among others to design the dress.

In full dress: Elizabeth in her coronation dress, scepter, orb, crown and ring. (Image: Wikimedia, BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives, CC BY2.0)


talking with BBC Eve Morris shares her memories of the day. He was working as a seventeen-year-old apprentice in Hartnell’s studio at the time, and went to the Abbey, in his own words, ‘with needle and thread in his bag’. “If someone lost a button or something came loose, I was there to fix it. But luckily it turned out not to be necessary, and Morris looked back.

Long sitting

Such a coronation is certainly fraught Pump and atmosphere. That makes it (with all due respect) a long-term event. Even a very young Prince Charles struggled to keep a straight face:

Jubilee Coronation
Image: NL Image

In addition to the young crown prince, the Abe reports that there will be no fewer than 8,250 guests for the ceremony today via social media.

A subtle ode

Here we are now seventy years later and sadly Elizabeth herself can no longer enjoy the special anniversary. Fortunately, throughout 2022, his seven decades on the throne have been discussed in detail.

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Additionally, at Charles and Camilla’s coronation, we saw a particularly sweet ode to the late Queen Liz: Camilla wore the state robes specially made for Elizabeth in 1953 upon entering Westminster Abbey. The queen had her own seat at the coronation. So today will be a special day with a bitter edge for the Windsors.

Source: Royal Central, BBC, Beau Monde Archive | Image: Brunopress

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