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Gregory Rossi, President of the National Party of Suriname (NPS) and Member of Parliament, opposes granting land to foreign powers. It is a pity that despite his knowledge of history, he is not above presenting the facts in full.

The National Party has often led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as Legia Cragg Keteldijk and Mary Levins, back-to-back for ten years, and several times in the distant past. So Russia should know better the ins and outs of international affairs.

The government intends to allocate a plot of land to the Indian government for the purpose of establishing a cultural centre. This site on the Lachmonstraat had already been allocated by the previous government, but the formalities here were not finalized. Now people want to do it with a specific goal.

Russia said its party would do everything possible to ensure that parts of that country were not handed over to foreign powers. He also referred to the Vienna International Convention, which imposes on Suriname the obligation to make facilities available to foreign powers

Treaty of Vienna

According to Dwight G., the Vienna Convention is not a regulatory tool that would regulate how countries deal with land ownership in other countries. The Vienna Convention is in fact an international regulatory instrument that regulates the rights and duties of diplomatic representatives – such as ambassadors, consuls and other diplomatic posts.

While some provisions regarding the activities or privileges of national representatives may relate to special interests and land holdings, the Vienna Convention regulates these activities only on the basis of diplomatic relations between countries.

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So it is possible to read it correctly on the basis of good diplomatic relations. States can own assets in a foreign country in several different forms.

For example, one form could be an economic investment, such as owning a business or factories in the country, or owning land or real estate. Other forms of assets include military installations, including naval bases, air bases, and military outposts.

Some countries can also strengthen their diplomatic presence in that country, giving them low-threshold access to information, influence, and economic transactions. Finally, countries can also support cultural and humanitarian projects, such as religious freedom, access to basic services and health care.

hidden, secret

Most countries hide their assets in other countries and have processes in place to keep their activities secret. Notable examples of countries with assets in foreign countries are Russia, China, Israel, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Germany.

Other countries that have significant investments in other countries include France, Turkey, the Netherlands and Japan.

What Mr. Russia is completely missing or willfully missing is that a foreign power has already purchased an entire estate from a private individual and thus also owns property in the country. The Surinamese government led by Desi Bouterse bought the building that used to house the US Embassy with money from a $40 million loan from the Islamic Development Bank. The building is still unused and rotting.

Russia made no comment while being part of the Suriname Parliament. what the subject is about?

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Dwight J. sees this as a slight tinge of Russia. People may be silent against the United States because of the agendas of politicians who are also known to Americans. What is also possible is that politicians have interests and assets in the United States. It plays on the feeling that there shouldn’t be any Indians, but at the same time it should be a welcome role model for Americans and others.

Outsiders can own the land through a side road to the enterprise. And these can be alien characters, as long as we close our eyes to possible alien forces.

Russia takes advantage of throwing a party by playing on gut feeling. Now that the government wants to do it publicly, the bullshit is starting to ring.

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