Is a croquette sandwich healthier than a sandwich?

In the department Food is in check We share a scientific viewpoint on nutrition and health. The internet is full of claims about these two broad topics, but is this information accurate? We provide clarity with the help of many experts. With today: Is a croquette sandwich really healthier than a healthy sandwich?

The name “healthy sandwich” indicates that the sandwich, which is often topped with cheese, ham, eggs, mayonnaise, and lettuce, is a healthy choice. At the same time, it is often said that it is best to order a croquette sandwich, as this is a much healthier option. Is this correct? subway asked nutritionist Camilla Bott.

healthy sandwich vs. Croquette sandwich

According to Bot, it is not easy to describe one product as healthier or less healthy than another. “I find the word healthy very difficult when you look at nutrition. Because what is healthy? You can’t simply stick a label on products. Whether something is healthy or unhealthy for you depends on your whole lifestyle. It’s always about balance and having a way of eating It suits you and your lifestyle.

She also explains with an example: “We all know broccoli is healthy. But two kilograms of broccoli and nothing else is unhealthy. French fries every day are unhealthy, but the occasional French fries are not. It really comes down to what your whole diet and lifestyle looks like, which is what determines whether or not you live a healthy life.”

Calorie count

Whether it’s better to opt for a healthy sandwich or a croquette sandwich, according to Bot, depends on the rest of your diet. But if we look purely at the calories that the products contain, the dietitian concludes that there are fewer calories in a croquette sandwich. A croquette sandwich contains about 350 calories and a healthy sandwich with ham, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise, gives you 500 calories. But of course it also depends on how the sandwiches are made. Think about sauces, butter, fat or low-fat cheese, the size of the sandwich and the amount of toppings.”

If you’re watching your calorie intake, a croquette sandwich is a better choice than a healthy sandwich in this case. Although the bot recommends that you also look at product saturation. “Do you feel full for a long time, or do you feel hungry again after half an hour and then eat something? You can imagine that the amount of calories you eat during the day is still higher in the latter case. If you go for a healthy 500-calorie sandwich, and you can Using this in the afternoon, you’ll net less than if you went for a 350-calorie croquette and then snacked for 400 calories afterward. Again, it’s really about balance.”

Is a croquette sandwich healthier than a sandwich? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. “One choice a day doesn’t make a diet healthy or unhealthy. It comes down to your whole lifestyle. That fits a croquette and a healthy sandwich. Take how you feel in that moment and make sure the rest of the day is well balanced,” concludes Pott.

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A closer look at nutrition: Is a croquette sandwich really healthier than a healthy one?

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