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the animalsIn India, at least 71 kilograms of garbage – mostly plastic – was found in a cow’s stomach. This appeared after the animal had an accident, according to the organization that treated the cow.

More than five million cows roam the cities of India. It often feeds on massive amounts of waste, such as plastics and metals, that pollute the streets of India.

Last week, the People for Animals Trust treated a cow in Faridabad after the animal was found injured in an accident. The cow turns out to be pregnant, but four hours after the surgery, vets also found 71 kilograms of litter, such as plastic, metal, and nails, in the cow’s stomach. The animal and its calf ultimately did not survive the operation.


“It was a shock to us,” said the head of the organization. “I have thirteen years of experience, but I’ve never had such much experience. It was the job of getting all the stuff out of the stomach.”

The People for Animals Trust said the cow is a sacred animal in India, but despite its stature, “no one cares about its existence.” “They eat trash on every street corner and in every city,” he continues. However, there are no national statistics on how many cows are dying due to excessive waste ingestion.

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