Fighting rages between Buckingham Palace, Harry and Meghan, and the “Company” is under attack

“Now it’s serious,” writes the BBC’s Family Affairs correspondent Johnny Damon. “Obviously, they don’t limit their criticism to the British media, which they obviously hate, but they are also targeting the royal family.”

Or in the words of the Royal House correspondent Chris Shipp From ITV: “Everything looks much worse than expected.”

NOS reporter Tim de Wit says that the Oprah interview viewed Buckingham Palace as a declaration of war. “The mansion is afraid that the couple will hang up their dirty laundry outside. He is afraid to tell Megan that life inside the royal family has become impossible.”

The fracture is final

Although Harry has never hidden his dislike of the magnifying glass in which he lives his life, the rift between him and the royals last year was a big surprise. In January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their intention to live a different life, especially outside the UK. They no longer claimed a prominent position within the royal family and the financial dependency associated with it.

After discussions with the Queen, it is decided that the two will consider their intention for a year. That period ended last month, after which Queen Elizabeth terminated Harry and Meghan’s departure and severed royal ties with them.

The two will never work for the crown again. “Although everyone is sad about their decision, the Duke and Duchess remain loved members of the family.” Buckingham Palace costume.

Toxic British Press

Harry said about it last year, they had no choice, and then they fell silent. Just last week, he revealed more, in an interview with his friend and TV presenter James Corden.

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Harry was forced to leave the country because the “toxic” British press had put his mental health at risk. “I did what every husband or father did: I had to get my family out of there.”

Harry was driving a double-decker bus through Los Angeles with James Corden:

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