“Apple Vision Pro is far from coming to the Netherlands”

The Apple Vision Pro still has a long way to go before it’s released in the Netherlands. This is according to new rumors.

Apple Vision Pro

You may have noticed: On June 5, Apple announced the Vision Pro, a revolutionary headset that is supposed to start a new era for PCs. Apple calls this “spatial computing”: computing in space.

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With Vision Pro, you can bring up windows and applications in reality, as if they were physical objects in your room. It is also possible to make your environment disappear, so that you can, for example, fully immerse yourself in a movie on a life-size cinema screen.

Not yet in the Netherlands

Apple indicated during the presentation that the headset will arrive in the United States in early 2024, and to other countries later in the year. Now we know more about those countries. Apple analyst Mark Gurman claims the UK and Canada are at the top of the list, with fall releases in Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Apple Vision Pro

These are all countries on the calendar in 2024: the Netherlands is conspicuous by its absence. So there’s a good chance we’ll have to wait until 2025 before we can buy an Apple Vision Pro. By then, the cheaper Apple Vision is also expected to be around the corner, which almost makes us wonder if the Vision Pro has a chance here.

Production problems and complexity

Why do we have to wait so long? This has to do with technical issues with the production of the headset. The glasses are so complex that Apple will only be able to produce a few tons by the end of this year. This is in contrast to the millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs that the company makes.

In addition, selling glasses has become a difficult story, and Apple Store employees need to be specially trained in it. Buying the Apple Vision Pro will only be possible by appointment, with a special test to find the right size for the headband and the fabric around the lenses.

enough other products

The delay in implementing the Apple Vision Pro in the Netherlands is of course disappointing, but of course Apple comes with a lot of other news. For example, we expect the iPhone 15 and new Apple Watch models like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 to be released in September, and iOS 17 will also be released around that time. Also only in the Netherlands.

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source: Mac rumors

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