Runaway Cat Disrupts Paris Trains: An Hour Delay by TGV | strange

A runaway cat stopped the high-speed train between Paris and Lyon in southern France for an hour. This was reported by the newspaper “Le Parisien”.

A train passenger’s cat managed to escape his journey at the crowded Gare de Lyon station in eastern Paris. Then the animal anchored itself under the high-speed train to Nice.

Because the cat did not get out from under the train on its own, the French railway company SNCF decided to cut off the power to the track. Then the cat can be safely taken out. The TGV bound for Nice finally left on Thursday morning at 11.10am, an hour later than planned.

On Tuesday, a French court ordered the SNCF to pay compensation for a cat being run over by a car. Nico had also collapsed under a stationary train at the Paris Montparnasse station in January. Then the French railway company refused to delay the departure of the train, which led to disastrous consequences for the four-legged friend.

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