According to science, the knowledge about time travel in “Doctor Who” is incredibly accurate

According to lore, this statement about time travel in Doctor Who is absolutely true.

doctor who It is of course fiction, but now it seems there is some truth to complicated time travel. An astrophysicist watched this series and it appears that the series is not entirely fiction.
doctor who Taking fans on a journey through space and time for nearly 60 years. Not only does the series know how to entertain its audience, but it’s also clear how time travel works.

Surprising claim

An astrophysicist, to put it very briefly, deals with astronomy. During an interview with Reuters, astrophysicist Geraint Lewis of the University of Sydney made a surprising statement.

Lewis provided the quote “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey things” In fact, they explained, we cannot fully understand time. Seemingly “Some things are still not ruled out, like time travel.”

From fantasy to reality

This means that “The future may be very exciting, but it probably isn’t.” What we do know for sure is that doctor who Time travel is portrayed as a complex thing that we don’t really understand yet.

flow doctor who on Prime Video.

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