A British amusement park boss wants to use ChatGPT to come up with a name for a new roller coaster

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The big boss of British theme park group Merlin Entertainments is looking at opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) in the theme park world. General manager Scott O’Neill was interviewed by news network Bloomberg this week. He thinks it is prudent for entertainment companies to develop a strategy around AI in 2023.

O’Neill is thinking about functions such as Chatbot, a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence. “If you’re coming up with names for rollercoasters or building theme parks, AI is a great way to help you”says the director. “You don’t get the final answer, but you get five to choose from.”

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How does it work? “You can literally enter a description of a roller coaster and ask: What would be a good name for this roller coaster?” O’Neill thinks the theme park group could benefit greatly from this. According to him, AI is already being used by Merlin to research new markets and see which companies to buy.

ChatGPT has quickly become the most popular online tool. The language model acts as an intelligent interlocutor that can retrieve an almost infinite wealth of general information, in different languages. For example, users can use ChatGPT to write all kinds of texts or come up with new ideas.

Merlin Entertainments is one of the world’s largest tourism companies, operating more than 100 theme parks and other attractions in 22 different countries. Examples include Alton Towers and Thorpe Park in England, Hyde Park in Germany and Gartaland in Italy. Merlin owns all Legoland parks and Sea Life and Madame Tussauds locations.

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