Trans is alone on the podium after riding the closest competitors in 17-and-over 30-minute cycling races, but she’s also receiving a lot of criticism | Cycling

In America, there was a buzz about the victory of a trans woman in a gravel race. Leslie Mumford (46) won her age group by a wide margin, but no one showed up for the coronation ceremony. It looks like a “silent protest”. Meanwhile, Mumford is receiving a lot of criticism on social media. “It’s not hard for other women to stop.”

Leslie Mumford underwent a male-to-female transition in 2017. Last Sunday she won the Desert Gravel Co2Ut Award for her age group. Lindsey Crete was second with a time of 17 minutes, and Michelle Van Sickle was third with a time of just over half an hour.

After the race, Mumford posted a photo from the podium on Instagram. Interesting: Crete and Van Sickle did not appear. The public also stayed away. “I have no idea why so many people left before the catwalk ceremony, but it did. However, I swear I’m not the only participant in my age group.”

Former competitor Inga Thompson, who twice finished third in the Women’s Tour and second in the 1991 World Cup, is speaking on Twitter of a “silent protest”. “Women refuse to be on stage with that guy. Well done!”

“Enough is enough,” agrees swimmer Riley Greens, who has been staunchly committed to allowing trans women to participate in women’s athletic competitions for years. “An empty stage except for the man hitting women, of course. However, there was also a category for transgender people that you could be in.”

Also, Megyn Kelly, an American journalist, did not spare criticism on her talk show “Sirius XM”. “Every day you hear a story about a trans person winning a women’s bike race. Women’s cycling has completely disappeared for us. Mumford was a police officer two minutes ago. Now he says he’s Leslie Mumford and wins the women’s race. He decides he’s a woman and goes to steal their medals. It’s not hard for women to stop others.”

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