A driver leaves the bus with 42 elderly people on board on the German autobahn: The Red Cross comes to help the passengers | outside

A group of 42 mostly elderly tourists remained stuck on a bus in a car park in southern Germany for hours. The bus driver was not allowed to continue driving because he had reached the maximum driving time. Arranging the replacement proved difficult. Ultimately, the passengers were transferred to the center with the intervention of the police and the Red Cross. This continued throughout the evening and part of the night.

The bus driver first tried to solve the problem himself by enlisting the help of a friend. According to the police, the bus company did not allow this. The two then decided to leave, leaving the bus and its passengers behind.

The bus company notified police around 7 p.m., but they first tried to come up with a solution themselves. When that failed three hours later, the residents called the authorities themselves.

Finally, the Red Cross was called. This arranged food and drinks for the passengers, most of whom were in their 70s. Some told rescuers that they had not eaten anything since breakfast at the hotel in Switzerland. The driver would only stop in places where there was nothing available.

Passengers were transported to Stuttgart train station by taxi during the evening and night. The latter did not arrive there until 2:30 am.

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