The break between Morocco and France: A model of African autonomy

Morocco has greatly reduced its economic and cultural ties with France, its former colonizer.

In recent years, the country has opened up to new partners, such as the United States, and has introduced English into education. These moves reflect the tense relations between Rabat and Paris, which are characterized by mutual mistrust and disagreements over regional issues.

This development has not gone unnoticed in other African countries, which are also striving to achieve greater autonomy and diversify their partnerships. The Benin newspaper “La Nouvelle” recently covered the changes in Morocco and considered it an example for the continent to free itself from French influence.

According to Mohamed Choucair, a Moroccan writer and political analyst, Morocco has introduced a new doctrine of partnership, in which everyone wins. He said that Morocco wanted to form an African regional power that would sever colonial ties with France.

France’s role in Africa is constantly deteriorating, and many African countries have broken their old colonial communication patterns.

Mohamed Benhamou, director of the Moroccan Center for Strategic Studies, said that France is breathing last in Africa because it does not take into account the interests and aspirations of African countries.

He said France is seen as representing an arrogant mentality and a leader who does not believe in “win-win” principles. On the other hand, Morocco has strengthened and consolidated its relations with African partners.

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