The internet joke ends with a “fight” for the one and only Josh

Hundreds of people fought a “battle” in the name of Josh in the US town of Lincoln, Nebraska, on Saturday to determine who could crown himself as the only Josh. Four-year-old “Little Josh” won.

The screenshot has been circulating on the Internet around the world for several weeks. One of Josh Swain started a group conversation on Facebook with a bunch of names. “You sure are wondering why I brought the two of you together. Come to these coordinates at noon on April 24, 2021 … There we will fight and whoever wins may keep our name. All losers must change names. You have a year to prepare. Good luck.”

Good joke, but yesterday it turned out that hundreds of people named Josh had come to Lincoln, Nebraska. In the lead up to Doomsday, it turns out that more and more people want to take humor seriously. In a post on Reddit, the initiator asked Josh’s others Pool noodles – Foam tubes for playing in swimming pools – bring them with you so you can safely level the actual fight.

One of Josh Swain started a group conversation on Facebook with a bunch of names.
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Additionally, participants were encouraged to bring canned and other dry foods as donations to a local food bank. Funds were also raised for a local children’s hospital. In total, Joshs raised more than $ 8,000.

In total, it fought three battles. Anyone who can call himself a real “Josh Swain” has encountered a game of paper scissors and stone. Only two of those present had the official name “Josh Swain”, while the others had only the first name Josh. In the end, initiator Josh Swain takes her from another Josh Swain from Omaha.

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Then the “Battle of Josh” was settled. Pool noodles And other harmless “weapons”. Anyone named Josh was allowed to participate in identifying “Josh Supréme”. The winner has been announced four-year-old Josh Vinson Jr. Much of the joy of the internet.

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