The T. rex family walked at a human pace

Reconstruct the muscles in the tail of T. rex.Sculpture by Pasha Van Bellert

It’s hard to verify exactly how fast the Netherlands’ most famous dinosaurs walked. After all, Trix of Naturalis died 66 million years ago. But researchers from Naturalis, VU Amsterdam and Utrecht University think we should be able to make a good estimate anyway. Where previous scientists mainly looked at the legs when determining the walking speed of dinosaurs, this time the tail was explicitly included in the computer simulation. This resulted in an ideal gait frequency, with the legs of the T. rex tail turning in such a way that the animal needed to use the least amount of energy as possible. Trix may have traveled about 4.6 kilometers per hour, compared to a human’s footsteps. Scientists, including movement science student Pasha Van Bellert, published their findings in Royal Society for Open Science. The question remains: How fast can T. rex work? Scientists have been discussing this for a long time. Researchers University of Manchester It reached a top speed of around 19 kilometers per hour in 2017. High speeds cannot handle the animal’s bones, according to their calculations. In comparison: Daphne Shippers is heading at top speed around 40 kilometers per hour.

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