What is the status of our outdoor air quality?

About the episode

We are going to visit Researcher Roel Vermeulen from Utrecht University And discuss the state of our outdoor air and ongoing research into it.

For example, what do the new guidelines say about particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide emissions? Will we achieve this in the Netherlands? What needs to be done to improve air quality here?

We discuss in detail the current health risks, what has not yet been adequately studied, and how they can be resolved Long-term measurement project Try to change.

In this project, self-made cars are used to measure very locally and work towards developing a European map of air quality. This shows not only the amount of molecular matter and nitrogen dioxide, but also the less well-known nanomolecular matter.

Coincidentally, there’s also a brand new measuring vehicle ready for us to take a look at. The car’s manufacturer, Kees Meliefste, also joins.

In the next episode of Science, we discuss the state of our indoor air quality with researchers Ledwin Smit and Esme Janssen. They tell us more about the research they do in schools, among other things.

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