A girl (7) fights for her life after eating a piece of contaminated cheese outside

A 7-year-old French girl has been in hospital for weeks after eating a piece of tainted cheese in December. A few days later, the girl ended up in the emergency room, where her condition quickly deteriorated. “Her kidneys have stopped working since then,” says 7-year-old Elise’s father. “We almost lost our seven-year-old daughter.”

The girl from Saint-Etienne-d-Olière remains in hospital in Lyon after falling ill on December 23. At the beginning of the Christmas holiday, Elise (7 years old) suddenly developed a stomach ache. “At first we thought it was the stomach flu, and we gave her medicine for that,” her father says. But her condition continued to deteriorate. On December 24, she lay down all day and didn’t even have the strength to go buy Christmas presents.

On Boxing Day, the doctor sent the girl to the emergency room, where peritonitis was diagnosed. After conducting further tests at Lyon Hospital, doctors noticed that her colon was distended and her kidney function had deteriorated. After another 24 hours, E. coli bacteria were detected during stool analysis.

E.coli are intestinal bacteria that, according to Sciensano, are generally harmless and even beneficial. However, some specimens can cause diseases. “Young children, people with reduced immunity or the elderly are particularly vulnerable to such E. coli infections,” she added.

This also turned out to be the case with 7-year-old Elise. The girl suffered convulsions and went into an artificial coma. “She fought for her life,” says Johan Buisson.BFMTV‘.

Cheese and red meat

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According to the French newspaper “Acto”, the bacteria are found in foods, including cheeses made from raw cow’s milk and red meat.

French health authorities conducted an interview with Elise’s family to determine the cause of the infection. “We mainly thought about a piece of raw cheese that we were eating, or about a steak cut from an undercooked hamburger,” her father says. A piece of cheese that is still being tested in the refrigerator. Morbier cheese, a French semi-hard cheese made from raw cow’s milk, was found to be contaminated with E. coli.

Kidney transplant

The girl is still in the hospital. “We woke her up on December 31 because the tests were positive, but her kidneys were still not working. The chances of recovery are becoming increasingly less.” In early February, her condition improved slightly. The coming weeks and months will reveal whether Elise (7 years old) will need an operation. Survival kidney transplant.

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