Apple is expanding its range of applications for Windows

Apple is adding new apps in an effort to simplify its software offerings. iPhone and Windows PC are getting closer, step by step.

Do you have an iPhone but can’t say goodbye to your Windows PC? Apple is currently expanding iTunes for Windows users and adding some new apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple devices. These apps are designed for Windows 10 and later, and aim to provide an easy-to-use experience between iPhones and PCs. Apple is also making changes to the design of iCloud for Windows. All apps are now available in the Microsoft Store.

new design

One of the biggest changes in the new iCloud for Windows app is the changed design. This design looks remarkably similar to the native Windows 11 app and supports dark mode in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Additionally, the app features a simplified initial setup process that asks you what you want to sync and how. Nothing has changed in terms of functionality.

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Another important development for the business is Apple’s hardware app. This will be used to back up your iPhone or iPad to your computer, or when you want to perform a system restore for iDevices in recovery mode. In addition, this application is also useful when you want to install updates on devices that do not have enough free space.

Apple ecosystem

Although syncing between Apple and Windows devices is already moving in the right direction, there is still room for improvement. There are still plenty of iCloud features that aren’t available in Windows, like syncing Notes and Reminders or the native versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Over the past couple of years, using an iPhone with a computer has become more fun. With iMessage support, iPhone users can also view and reply to their text messages via a computer.

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While Apple clearly supports Apple devices with Apple services, it also wants to offer robust apps for competing ecosystems, so that users with a mix of devices have the option to stay within Apple’s ecosystem.

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