The Samsung Galaxy S23 and Z Flip/Fold 5 will receive an update in February

Early Samsung Galaxy S23 users can download the February update today. You can also roll up your sleeves with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Z Fold 5.

Galaxy S23, Z Flip 5, and Z Fold 5 updated in February 2024

So far, the February security patch has been very slow to roll out. The number of phones with the patch to date is exactly one. But now things are finally moving forward. The update is also now available for three phone series – five devices in total.

An approximately 400MB update is available on the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. Firmware version S91xBXS3BXAD brings the February patch. The Z Flip 5 has firmware F731BXXS1BXBE out of the box, while the Z Fold 5 will have firmware version F946BXXS1BXBE (about 350MB).

This month’s patch includes 61 security improvements for Android. There are also improvements to Samsung’s own software.

It will be the Smart suggestions The functionality has been improved, and a funny leaked poem allows anyone without permissions to use your files Game improvement service can be configured. Another important reform is to Automatic hotspot feature, which allows you to allow devices within your Samsung account or family member’s account to use your internet connection.

As far as we can quickly verify, the “copy error” will not be resolved with the February update. Have you noticed that the icons in your status bar are jumping a few pixels at a time? main screen Will you appear again? Let us know below!


You can download the February update now at Unbranded Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, Z Flip 5, and Z Fold 5 in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the rest of Europe. If you still can’t find the update (via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install) You may still need to be patient.

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Do you have the update on your phone? Do you experience any other changes after installation?

(Thanks, Jean, Rene, Rob!)

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