Tinder is introducing a new formula for $499 per month

the Popular dating app Tinder has announced that it is introducing a new formula. For $499 (€468) per month, the user gets some new options.

In the news: New VIP formula

Tinder adds a new formula. After Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum come in Tinder Select.

“We know there is a subset of highly active and engaged users who prefer more effective and efficient ways to find connections, which is why we have conducted extensive testing and feedback with this audience over the past few months to develop a completely new offering.”

Tinder chief product officer Mark van Ryeswyk, on Bloomberg.

  • It is worth noting that this formula will not be for everyone. There are some requirements in the account, such as a minimum number of photos, a bio, and an intention to build a relationship.
    • Anyone who meets all of these conditions must be approved by Tinder.
    • Currently, the formula has been offered to about 1 percent of users.
  • With the new formula there will be New possibilities For users, in addition to everything Tinder Platinum also offers. Some things that catch the eye:
    • Direct message: Users can send messages twice a week to accounts that have not yet been “matched.”
    • Watch and see: Users get higher visibility of the most popular accounts on Tinder and vice versa.
    • Cross the line: Your profile will be prioritized over accounts you’ve liked for seven days.
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Choose a group

When we compare with other modes offered by Tinder, it is clear that Tinder Select will be for a select group only.

  • Tinder Plus costs €82 per year.
  • For Tinder Gold, that number has actually risen to 135 per year.
  • For Tinder Platinum, you pay $162 for a year.
  • Tinder Select, which costs $6,000 (€5,620) per year, is clearly of a different nature. It is not known how much this formula will cost in Belgium.

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