A highly toxic green mamba that escaped in Tilburg has not yet been found | outside

The highly venomous green mamba missing in the Dutch city of Tilburg has not yet been found. This was stated by a spokesman for the municipality near the Belgian border on Wednesday morning.

The municipality of Tilburg called on people on Tuesday to keep their distance and not try to catch the snake themselves if they encounter the animal. The nearly two-metre-long snake was kept by a resident of a house located on Goudenregenstraat, near the station. On Monday, the citizen discovered that the animal had disappeared.

The municipality is deploying experts to find out how to find the snake as quickly as possible. A police dog was also deployed yesterday. Unfortunately, the search has not yet yielded any results. Inspections are carried out inside and outside the home.

A highly venomous snake escaped from a house on Goudenregenstraat in Tilburg on Monday evening. A police dog is used to search for the green mamba. © Facebook Police Basic Team Tilburg-Centrum

The green mamba is a tropical snake known to not seek confrontation itself. The animal loves dark and warm places, so it will not come out easily at this time of the year. If so, they would be active mainly during the day.

The snake is very dangerous, because the bite of the green mamba is particularly poisonous. People who are bitten should get medical help immediately. As a precaution, the area medical aid organization has already been notified. This authority can quickly intervene if someone is bitten.

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