A man broadcasts live Samsung Galaxy S21 that has been underwater for 11 days

A man keeps his Samsung Galaxy S21 in a stored water bath for 11 days. In a YouTube live broadcast, we see on the screen the time when the phone is underwater.

Samsung Galaxy S21 underwater

from Samsung Galaxy S21 It hit stores all over the world on January 29th. Meanwhile, people have already managed to spend time discovering the phone and we already have a phone in Androidworld Comprehensive online review. However, one YouTuber thought differently and tossed the S21 into a full aquarium immediately upon purchasing it. The device had been living underwater for 11 days at the time of writing.

The concerned Youtube call Time Lapse Owl Pictures He wanted to test the IP68 water resistance of the S21. This certification indicates that the S21 can survive at least half an hour at depths of up to one and a half meters. “At least” is the most important word in that sentence, because the phone has been able to keep running for much longer.


The Youtuber started the S21 shutdown clock before the phone entered the aquarium, but the device’s shutdown clock stopped after 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. Since then, the stopwatch has been reset every time after that time and the video shows that the device has been underwater for more than 250 hours.

Since you probably don’t want to watch the entire video from scratch, we’ll give you some highlights here. The S21 gave the message 117 hours later that moisture had been detected and a moment the screen seemed unresponsive. After a few keystrokes, the phone turned on without problems, although the message was still visible. After 241 hours, viewers asked if the phone’s speakers were still working. As expected, the sound was very bad and was barely audible.

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Youtuber Photo Owl Time Lapse – as the name suggests – is a fan of Time Lapse movies. In addition to the video on the Galaxy S21, we watch other time-lapse videos all the time, so you can see in an accelerated time how nothing more than a dead piece of misery left over from a fresh head of lettuce 11 hours later. How long will this S21 take before we say the same thing remains to be seen.

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