A metaverse of Epic and LEGO: what can we expect?

Yesterday, Epic and LEGO announced that a group of the two brands had come together. Epic is closely related to Fortnite, a game that is already very popular among kids. Now it comes with a LEGO themed metaverse for kids. There are more reasons to be excited about this, even if we don’t know exactly what to expect.

Fortnite x LEGO

On the other hand, we know: if you imagine a kind of Fortnite built from LEGO, where you can create your own avatar in the form of a miniature character, then it is likely that you are not far from this Epic-LEGO game that will become metaverse. It is not yet known exactly what the plans are, so it remains guesswork.

It’s also somewhat exciting for LEGO, because they’re used to another studio making toys around plastic blocks. This has been the same studio for decades: TT Games from the UK. Admittedly, LEGO games are very similar in terms of gameplay, mainly distinguishing themselves by the different major franchises that LEGO can connect to, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel. Recently, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga came out, a game that has been delayed several times.

roblox game

So the hunger for LEGO games is still huge and it’s no wonder Epic wants to be a part of that too. “We are very excited to collaborate and build a space within the metaverse that is fun, entertaining and special for children and families,” said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic. So the intent especially is for this metaverse to become very family friendly. “The LEGO Group and Epic Games combine their extensive experience to ensure that this new form of the Internet is built from the ground up with children’s well-being in mind.”

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What companies have to watch out for is that their metaverse is not like games like Minecraft and Roblox, where you also find yourself in large open worlds and where building blocks are also used. You can also build separate worlds in this, which of course is exactly the intention with the metaverse. Now Minecraft and Roblox are well aware of how to do it well, and it’s very kid-friendly, so in some ways Epic and LEGO can ignore that. As long as the visual style is significantly different, because if you see LEGO figures in front of you in a style similar to Fortnite, you will quickly end up with some kind of Roblox.

Kids Metaverse

But yes, you will simply fill in a lot of things yourself if there is little information available. It is not even known on which platform it will appear, when, etc. Obviously at this early stage, companies basically want to make it clear that it should be safe for children. They want to do this on three pillars: protecting the right to play by making safety and well-being a priority, protecting children’s privacy by putting their interests first and giving children and parents the tools to control them. digital experience.

These are all important matters, but still many people are not happy with the plan that there must now also be a handicap for children. Many people see it as a new way for meta to show more ads and earn money. However, this is not entirely true: in principle, Roblox is already a metaverse, a game that many children also play.

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Epic Games

So it is hoped that Epic and LEGO will bring a colorful world full of familiar LEGO sense of humor and places where people can play together in a safe and fun way. It’s a risky business, because in the case of children, unfortunately there are also people who are less interested in children, so Epic and LEGO have to come up with a good plan to really ensure safety. In any case, we don’t worry too much about world building: the two companies have long proven to be very creative and skilled.

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