Special food, lots of green space and health

Sustainability is more important to many than ever. Although most people are aware of this, often no action is taken. One thing you can do yourself is to start making your garden more sustainable.

How do you do this and what should you pay attention to? You can read that here.

Grow your food in the garden

Sustainability, of course, is about reducing the environmental footprint we leave behind on this world. One of the things that you have the most influence on is your diet. In the Netherlands, one third of the total ecological footprint is made up of food (0.9 out of 1.8 Ga). This percentage is huge, but there are plenty of opportunities to cut down on your food print. Think, for example, of growing a vegetable garden, so you can grow your own vegetables. In addition to being sustainable, they are also very tasty and natural.

Choose green spaces in your garden

You can make your garden more sustainable, literally and figuratively, by making your garden greener. The more green space you find in your garden, the more sustainable it becomes. Nature has unleashed in this case and this will provide beautiful pictures. In addition, this way you make your garden more attractive to bees and insects. This will ensure adequate pollination occurs in the spring and summer, ultimately ensuring a beautiful flower bed.

Watch the lighting

Lighting can complete the garden. By choosing attractive lamps, it is possible to create an additional atmosphere for your garden. However, if you want to make sure you have a sustainable garden, it is important to pay attention to the type of lighting you purchase. For example, choose LED lights. These bulbs are considerably more durable and not too expensive anymore.

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sustainable construction

When you start building a garden house or a terrace, for example, you naturally want it to last as long as possible. On the other hand, this saves a lot of problems, but it also benefits sustainability. One way to achieve this is to always ensure a solid foundation, such as a file concrete base† This ensures that the construction is firmly anchored in the ground and will not move.

good for your health

Finally, did you also know that a sustainable garden can be beneficial to your health? Plants and trees produce oxygen, so they eventually breathe cleaner air. Even trees are able to absorb particles. In principle, there are almost no reasons not to start making your garden more sustainable in 2022.

However, it is recommended that you start on this as soon as possible. Now that spring has arrived, plants and flowers can take full advantage of the season. This ensures that your garden is ready for summer in time.

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Make Your Garden More Sustainable in 2022: Own Your Food, Plenty of Green Space and Health

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