A meteorite of about 14 kilograms was found in Sweden | Science

Two geologists discovered an iron meteor weighing nearly 14 kilograms in Sweden. The Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Stockholm’s natural history museum, says it thinks it is the largest piece of the November 7 meteor impact.

The discovery took place near the town of Enkoping, 40 miles northwest of the capital, and the meteorite has since been handed over to the museum. According to the museum, this is the first time in more than 60 years that a smashed meteorite has been found in Sweden.

On November 7, several Swedes discovered a fireball that lit up the sky for about three seconds. Astronomer Eric Stimples, from Uppsala University, calculated where the meteorite shattered.

In recent weeks, smaller bits of this iron meteorite have already been found. The fragment found is now 12 inches long and is probably the largest remaining piece of the celestial body. When it entered the atmosphere, it must have weighed about nine tons, according to the stamps.

Smaller fragments of the meteorite are suspected in the vicinity.

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