A new Münsterländers world record set together at Westende Beach: ‘There are 211 four-legged friends’

For organizer Natalie Dereker, the event was of even greater significance. She especially wanted to show people that dogs are not disposable products and require a lot of care and love. That is why the world record bid also raised funds for asylum centers in Flanders. “Some of the shelters lack the funds to take care of all the abandoned dogs. Of course we hope to raise an impressive amount of the Müsterländer merchandise that we sell. All profits will be used to provide necessary products from the shelters. I am very happy with the huge turnout today,” says Natalie.

Many people thought it was a great and successful initiative. “It’s good for us and the dogs to get some fresh air and Nuno can play with other Musterlanders,” says Pascal of Ghent. Nor did Isabelle of Rottselaer want to miss it. “We are so excited to be here with Müsterländers Lisa, we also brought the Maltese Cosmo to enjoy the beach.” And today there are not only dogs with owners from their countries, but also from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and especially from the Netherlands.

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