Elden Ring player hilariously outsmart the enemy

Elden Ring has everything it takes to become the Skyrim of this generation. And the great thing about it is that you are seeing more and more players who are engaging with the game in a great way.

Most of the Elden Ring videos I see show the crazy skills of some players. But this player does things a little differently. He knows how to make himself invisible without hiding.

Great Elden Ring player

By the way, he was not invisible in the main adventure. But he knows how to hide perfectly from a human enemy that you can challenge to enter your world. before moving to the starting area. There you have a fairly ordinary enemy luring him into the bushes nearby. It finished there without any problem. Then he challenges the human enemy to enter his world. And while he does so, he more or less takes over from the enemy who killed him earlier. He then proceeds down the NPC’s path, while the human enemy has no idea where his target is. It is strange that the enemy does not notice, but at the same time it is really nice to watch. Elden Ring video uploaded post reddit View below.

In the end, the enemy who has entered the world gives up his quest and leaves the world, thus declaring that the player who came up with this is some kind of winner. And thanks to this video, he’s also making sure that other players on the Elden Ring probably won’t be able to, because everyone else is watching this right now.

What a game

If you haven’t played Elden Ring yet, I highly recommend that you do. The game is really great. You can read it on our website Review

Elden Ring review: 7 reasons not to buy it

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Elden Ring player hilariously outsmart the enemy

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