A new record of 853 migrants crossed the English Channel on Wednesday | Abroad

At least 853 migrants arrived illegally in the UK on Wednesday by crossing the Channel from France. This year, 21,000 people have already managed to do the same. Another 5,712 people have been rescued after falling into the sea from their rickety boats, according to figures from the UK Home Office.

Despite promises by the British government in 2018 to make crossing impossible, the number of people trying to reach Britain through the canal is increasing every year. Last year, 8,800 people succeeded in their goal, and this year this number has already risen to more than 21,000. The record for the previous day goes back to August, when 828 people managed to reach the UK safely in one day.

On the French side, there are reports of 1,008 successful crossing attempts or attempted crossings towards Great Britain, in which about 24,655 people took part. 5,713 people were rescued en route after experiencing problems at sea.

This week, two migrants died trying to reach England, but it is feared that this is only a fraction of the true number of lives lost at sea this week. Two people experienced severe hypothermia, but were able to take them to the hospital for treatment.

discussion with France

The illegal crossings are a subject of discussion and tension between Paris and London. The British believed that little effort was being made on the French side to counter attempts to cross the river, despite the financial resources provided by the United Kingdom for this.

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Charitable organizations have already called on the UK government to review asylum policies to reduce the number of migrants and people trying to cross illegally.

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