A photo captures the life of an Australian woman in her twenties: A woman dies after falling at least fourteen meters | outside

In Australia's Lamington National Park, a young woman fell at least fourteen meters into a ravine while taking a photo. Despite rescue efforts that lasted six hours, the man in his twenties died instantly.

Aoivala Vemuru took a walk with friends in Lamington National Park on the Gold Coast on Saturday. The group of friends stopped at Yambakuchi Falls to take a photo. At that point, Vemuru is believed to have dropped her camera tripod, causing it to chase the tripod and slide. She fell down a ten-metre cliff and ended up at least four meters deep in a pool of water.

According to a Queensland Police spokesman, her friends tried to reach her, but to no avail. Despite numerous attempts by three doctors who happened to be nearby, the young woman died instantly.

Australian Oivala Vemuru died after falling from a height of at least 14 metres. © Facebook

Emergency services were called at 12.30pm, but the rescue operation was not completed until six hours later. A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson said: “It took some time for crews to find the woman.” “Teams did not reach the bottom of the riverbed until 5:15pm. As of 6:30pm, they were still trying to exhume the body,” the spokesperson explained.

The twenty-year-old graduated from Bond University's medical school last year.

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