A prominent woman at the International Monetary Fund was questioned today about allegations abroad

Georgieva was accused several years ago, when she was still at the World Bank, of lobbying to get China to do better in rankings of countries with an attractive business climate. During that period, the World Bank was also raising capital for its organization, with China having to play a major role. Georgieva herself vehemently denied these allegations. You wouldn’t insist on misrepresenting the facts.

Reuters news agency recently reported on the basis of informed sources that the International Monetary Fund decided to investigate the matter thoroughly. Several people involved will be questioned separately this week. So far, influential countries within the fund, including the United States, have not come to public conclusions. Bloomberg News recently reported that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will no longer respond to Georgieva’s calls.

At the moment, Georgieva is still the head of the International Monetary Fund. And in this capacity, today you will also give an important speech. You will talk about the state of the global economy. It might also say something about the IMF’s new economic estimates. It will be released next week, when the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank hold their annual fall meetings.

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