A robotic chef learns to taste what we taste

While eating a bite of food, there are different tasting stages. This is important information for a robot who aspires to work as a chef.

The robot in this study has already learned to make a delicious omelette based on feedback from a testing panel of hungry people. Then they also taught the robot to “taste” a simple plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes at different stages of the chewing process. It’s a bit like a chef getting a taste of what he’s making while he’s cooking. And also taking into account the fact that a morsel of food can go through different tasting stages during chewing.

In this case, the robot used a simple probe to measure salinity only. And that’s at various stages of the chewing process, which was imitated simply by throwing the whole batch into the blender. This eventually resulted in dishes that were better appreciated by the restaurant’s guests.

The researchers’ goal was to make the best possible tasting model – now one dish, but ultimately as many – to ensure that if food was ever prepared with an automatic touch, the robotic chef would never be below average. cooks.

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