British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to ban transgender people from practicing women’s sports | abroad

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants transgender people not to participate in sporting competitions with their opposite sexes. “I don’t think that people who are born male should play against women. This is probably controversial, but it makes sense to me.”

As the prime minister said, “I also believe that women should have women-only places, whether it’s in a hospital, in a prison, or in the locker rooms.”

However, it turns out that the soup is not eaten hot when served. “If you’re controversial about that, we have to work together. I deeply empathize with the people who want to transform and it is critical that we give these people the love they deserve when they make this decision,” Johnson said.

These are complex issues that cannot be resolved with a piece of paper. We have to think about this carefully and arrange things in the best possible way for everyone.”

Where did Johnson’s statements come from?
In England, there has been a lot of buzz lately about transgender people in sports. For example, British cyclist Emily Bridges was rejected by the UCI when she wanted to participate in a competition. The bridges have been moving for a while.

Johnson’s comments come in response to a letter signed by a number of cyclists, scientists and researchers. In the letter, the cyclists called on the International Cycling Union to delete the rules for transgender athletes, as they are about testosterone levels. Instead, the criteria should be based on “biologically feminine characteristics,” the signatories said.

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The British Cycling Federation said it would “encourage discussion. We have worked hard for everyone to have their views on our policy for the inclusion of transgender athletes. Discussions are important to come together to achieve the fairest sport possible for all, without losing anyone’s respect or dignity.”

Bridges, in turn, are frustrating. She feels “offended and demonized. I am an athlete and just want to be able to race again. I hope they reverse their decision as the rules dictate.”

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