“A sense of belonging makes us human.”

Those who are happy live longer. And those who have a good relationship are often happy. 1 + 1 = 3 story? According to research, it has been proven that social contact not only has a beneficial effect on an individual’s mental health but also has a positive effect on a person’s life expectancy. So getting into meaningful relationships is literally vital.

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What does loneliness do to a person mentally and physically?

don’t belong It is often said in English. The term means you don’t belong. It can cause deep wounds to an individual. This need to connect and communicate expresses itself both mentally and physically. People are anxious, feeling searching, but often also have low self-esteem and struggle with negative feelings about themselves. This ensures that loneliness is often something that reinforces itself. People feel lonely, rejected, and worthless, and view others and the outside world more negatively. Physically, it is classically about skin hunger, but this also goes beyond being touched. On both levels, it is primarily about stress regulation: our entire system is meant to connect with others.”

To what extent does social networking have a positive impact on each type of person?

“Continuous loneliness has a very negative effect on our health. This also works in the opposite direction. People who have a lot of social contact feel healthier, while lonely people live longer and suffer from all kinds of disorders more often. It often begins in Childhood Those who did not belong to their childhood or youth now find it more difficult to communicate in adulthood. First relationships, second relationships, work relationships or friendships, are all less obvious. Loneliness at a later age, among the elderly or single seniors is Also a massive problem. I think it’s a massive social challenge to find a good solution to this.”

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What makes a meaningful relationship?

“Sometimes we forget that every relationship has meaning, not just love relationships. After all, every relationship is an affirmation of our value as human beings. At the brain level, relationships challenge us. Interaction makes our brain refresh. You never go through evolution and development as a person on your own, always from interacting with The other. We correct and correct. The ability to be meaningful to others, gain recognition, give and receive attention, gives us a sense of self that we need to validate ourselves. A sense of belonging makes us human. It calms and guides us through difficult moments and feels like a safe haven where we can Back home. Communication is reassuring and reduces our stress.”

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What does loneliness do to a person mentally and physically?

“It is important to distinguish loneliness from feeling lonely. Not everyone who is alone feels lonely. But loneliness can really make a person physically and mentally ill. It is often a vicious cycle: not being able to talk to anyone, not leaving the house, not taking care of yourself, And having more and more negative thoughts, and often living unhealthily,… It’s hard to get out quickly. Touch. Body and mind are always connected. That’s why both doctors and psychologists (GP) should be vigilant about this, for both Youngs and elderlies “.

To what extent does social networking have a positive impact on each type of person?

“Not everyone has the same need for social connection. You also have introverted people who are often peaceful, calm, and alone. They often point out that social connections require more energy than they give them. I have a feeling that people nowadays especially miss out on deeper connections. Single with us While many people need a good neighbor, a friend to call or a sister to talk to. On the contrary, there are definitely people who enjoy communication that focuses more on having fun and relaxation. For many people, this helps clear their heads and forget about every day So the message is clear: every individual is unique and has their own needs and requirements.”

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What makes a meaningful relationship?

This too depends on the individual and can be filled out differently for each relationship. If you ask people to describe exactly what they value or appreciate about their partner, girlfriend, or sister, you’ll get a thousand different answers. Something that almost always comes back is the need for trust and security. Then you always hear the answer that he or she is someone I can count on and I can be with. Support and a rock in tough times is always a plus.”

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What does loneliness do to a person mentally and physically?

“Loneliness can bring so many things to different individuals that it is impossible to summarize them in seven lines without some form of nuance. The topic of ‘meaningful relationships’ is too complex and multi-layered to be summed up in a brief conversation. It is clear that loneliness depends heavily on the individual. Not everyone experiences loneliness the same way and not everyone will explain the disadvantages (or even advantages) of loneliness in the same way.”

To what extent does social networking have a positive impact on each type of person?

A large body of scientific research clearly indicates that social contact has both positive and negative effects on people. I can only confirm this based on more than 20 years of clinical experience. For example, the lockdowns faced a large number of people with the effect of social isolation and loneliness on the one hand, but also faced a large number of other people with a severe increase in stress due to “excessive social contact” with roommates. For a number of people, mandatory homework was a bane due to losing contact with their classmates. For others, mandatory homework was just a blessing due to the loss of stressful contacts with colleagues.”

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What makes a meaningful relationship?

“What makes a relationship meaningful is determined by several factors that are difficult to generalize. What plays a major role in the first place is the subjective experience of that relationship. But at the same time, clinical experience shows that it is not unusual for people to often stubbornly adhere to social contacts that have an impact A clear negative on their well-being. We must conclude from this that those connections with it are somehow considered meaningful. And I’m not even talking about unconscious factors which play at least an equally important role. It is clear that the topic is more complex than it seems at first glance.”

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