It is clear that complaining about working with a work wife is good for your health

Even desirable and enjoyable jobs can create stress and frustration on a daily basis. It is almost normal for her to complain to you about this best work† This is not as negative as it may seem. It turns out that it is good for your health!

science says

Joking and complaining about your work, colleagues, boss or you Workload Important for your mental health, according to a study conducted at the University of Melbourne. Researchers have also discovered that you can improve team spirit if you have someone at work with whom you can laugh and complain.

By the way, this does not mean that the company should change immediately if its employees complain about the work or the boss, says the principal investigator DrVanessa Potheer† in conversation with ABC She told me that managers shouldn’t immediately worry if they see employees complaining about working with other colleagues. “They just have to get out of the way and build a bond this way. The burden is lifted off their shoulders, which means they also get rid of their negative energy together. If that’s not possible, the day will seem very long.”


And it’s not just about letting go of your negative energy. Laughing with a good fellow is just as important. Dr. Bouthier also found that those who smile more at work tend to be happier and have better lives outside of work.

Your relationship with your partner, your mental health, insomnia and mental health can be affected. So don’t underestimate your work flow, which can also have an indirect effect on your personal life,” says Dr. Potheier.

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So what are you waiting for? Time to file a complaint with you during the coffee break office companion.

Source: Marie Claire AU | Photo: The Bold Type

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