A Spanish firefighter writes an open letter to the pyromania who started a forest fire in Tenerife: ‘You’ve been surrounded by fire for five days, but you didn’t win’ | Abroad

A forest fire broke out last week in the north of the Spanish island of Tenerife. It is the countless forest fires that Spain is currently suffering from. It is said that the situation on the island is improving due to the diligent work of the fire service, but there are clear indications of a fire. This was reported by Isabel Garcia, Tenerife’s conservation advisor. The announcement naturally caused great frustration among emergency services, including firefighter Fran, who wrote an open letter to the firefighter.

The forest fires in Tenerife affected a total of five municipalities: La Orotava, Los Religos, San Juan de la Rambla, La Guancha and Icod de los Vinos. Although the end now seems near, local firefighters had to persevere for days to contain the flames. The hard work was made more difficult by the unfavorable weather conditions. For example, the last few days have remained tropical warm on the island and there have been strong winds.

The open letter from firefighter Fran, addressing the perpetrator of the fire, was widely shared on social media. The firefighter confirms how he had to stand between the flames for at least 15 hours. “You have seen flames more than twenty meters away and even saved innocent animals from the destruction you have caused. But you have not won… After five days you have not won yet,” sounds the touching message.

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Forest fire in La Orotava, Tenerife (23/07/2022). © ANP / EPA

National Ports Agency / Environmental Protection Agency


National Ports Agency / Environmental Protection Agency


Read the open letter from firefighter Fran below:

“I hope you read this message. I know a lot of people are learning things through social media these days, so I hope this message gets through and you keep it in mind (…).”

“I am one of hundreds of people trying to fix what you’ve done. I don’t hate you, on the contrary, I feel sorry for you, for your loneliness and bad character. Perhaps you have never been brave enough to face your fears and blame everyone for your problems. You think we are the ones who We make your life hell.”

“Thank you, because every time someone does what I did, it reminds me of what I and my colleagues are here for. Not for you – you don’t think you are that important – but to protect everyone.”

“It is not only about nature, but also about responsibility to your fellow men. It is about honor, giving help, and waiting for another human being when you yourself know your life is in danger. And yet you wait for him in the suffocating smoke. I don’t think you will be able to experience this Feeling is never, because only humans have feelings and you are not human.”

“While I was surrounded by smoke and fire, I wondered how little your life would put ours at risk. But we were there… among the flames. Don’t think for a moment that I was afraid of myself. Perhaps I was afraid for my family. for 15 hours (…)”.

“It was five hard days. The fire was all around me. The flames engulfed my view. I saw flames over twenty meters high, and I even rescued innocent animals from the devastation you have done.”

“But you haven’t won. Five days later, you haven’t won yet. The good guys have won. We who burn our eyebrows and get hugs from strangers. We who read the word ‘hero’ and think it’s a word too big for ourselves. There are more difficult professions.”

“What I do not forgive you for is that you spent so many hours with my children. You separated me from their smiles, from their kisses. You will never understand such a thing in your sad life (…).”

“You will always live in fear. You will always fear that the police will track you (…). Remember that even if you turn off your smartphone, there are still ways to know your location. Now try to sleep peacefully, knowing that they will come for you tomorrow.”

Good night dear flaming. You did not defeat the people of Tenerife and the Canary Islands, you united them even more. ”

Fran, a firefighter fighting a fire in Tenerife.

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