Papas’ new single – “Rosa”

PAPPAS is a brand new project designed by Wouter Souvereyns and Ruben Vanhoutte. You may know Souvereyns as the guitarist for the indie pop band Warhola, but he has also been making music on his own for several years under the alias WZA. He’s already released three EPs, flipping between funky hip-hop and R&B. His first album Black It was released in 2021. Vanhoutte is the drummer of Tamino and since 2018 also of Jaguar Jaguar. The two musicians joined forces to create PAPPAS. The duo released their first single “My thunder” It was released in March and is now releasing a second film called “Rosa.”

With “Rosa” Pappas translates the game of attraction and repulsion. Initial fascination turns to suspicion when it turns out that the person you love may not be as compatible as you imagined. If it weren’t for the lyrics, the song wouldn’t sound so pessimistic at all. There is a hot and humid atmosphere in the air due to the somewhat strange sounds. The duo keeps it completely calm and relaxed, but with a touch of Warhola they turn “Rosa” into a song that subtly encourages you to sway your hips. Clean vocals make the feeling more intimate, due to the soft way they are delivered. The interaction between the two partners who continue to circle around each other is further emphasized when we also hear a female voice. What PAPPAS offers us leaves us wanting more. PAPPAS has potential to have our ears on edge, because as far as we’re concerned, there’s a noteworthy event on the horizon here.

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Pappas will play on May 14 Barbarossa In Ghent. The next day you can spot the duo Pharm In Hasselt.


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