A speeding fine of 175,000 euros for a Swiss woman traveling 43 kilometers per hour at too fast a driver

In Switzerland, a millionaire woman was sentenced to an insane fine of 175 thousand euros (189.550 francs). The entrepreneur drove at 93 kilometers per hour at a very fast speed through a Swiss village with her Range Rover.

Several Swiss media reported that the millionaire – whose net worth is estimated at around twelve million euros – appeared on her way through the village of Wallerau (canton of Schwyz). The speedometer on her Range Rover at the time indicated 43 kilometers per hour too much. Since fines in Switzerland are calculated on the basis of your income or property, this violation costs it dearly.

owner of a lot of money

The woman was actually arrested in November 2018, but has only now been convicted. According to the German news magazine to focus This was not the first speeding violation by a woman. A court initially demanded a total fine of more than 370,000 euros (401,400 francs) from the millionaire. The Swiss appealed, after which the fine was reduced to less than 175 thousand euros (189.550 francs).

the condition

However, she has already received two suspended fines for past violations. Since her violation in Wallerau now had to pay these sums, the woman from Zurich had to pay a total of 209,000 francs, or 192,825 euros.

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