Five municipalities are working together on a health project

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RIJK VAN NIJMEGEN – Five municipalities, including Beuningen, Druten and Wijchen, will collaborate on a health project. The goal is to combat obesity, for example by encouraging exercise and healthy eating.

The Municipalities Healthy Together project receives €300,000 in support from ZonMw, an organization that funds health research and promotes innovation in care. Three-ton support valid for four years.

Departing Monday, September 6th

The five municipalities, which also include Nieder Petwe and Buren, will enter into agreements with other interested parties, such as GGD Gelderland-South. These mutual agreements are set out in an agreement. Monday 6 September is the official launch of the project.

The Healthy Municipalities Program begins with the so-called “educational circles”. Beuningen, Druten and Wijchen form a single educational district, supported by local social welfare organisations, GPs, dieticians and residents for example. The Learning Circle itself operates by organizing actions, especially those aimed at schools.


In addressing weight gain, the project focuses on prevention, among other things. “By keeping our residents healthy, we prevent long-term care issues. Poor health often affects all areas of living. So investing in health can go a long way,” says B&W’s Beuningse College.

The agreement aims to ensure that all parties involved remain committed to the project. This is partially checked by the project manager.

After half a year of evaluation

Six months later, ZonMw conducts an evaluation and decides whether the project will complete the full four-year period and support will be maintained. The five municipalities do not put any money into the project themselves.

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