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According to speculation, the numbered Borderlands are not being worked on, but are.

Games Reactor She points to the uncertain split and even claims it won’t be long before we officially hear about her.

This story is backed by Gamesbeat journalist Jeff Group during Its podcast. It also claims that Gearbox is not at the top of the game, but that it has a supporting role.

The rumors were denied by Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford, who stated in a tweet that the studio will always be in charge of the series and not a co-developer of new Borderlands. However, he said in a subsequent tweet that the team is working on “Big One”.

“We are definitely working on some cool things that I hope will surprise and delight you. Plug: If anyone has bill paying skills and wants to participate in some Borderlands process, we are working on the big task :)”

We still want to rule out that Pitchford has often denied rumors in the past that later turn out to contain some truth. For example, he denied having one Battleborn Free game to play It will be, but this happened later.

Much like the fact that it claimed prior to the launch of Borderlands 3 that the game would not contain microtransactions, but shortly afterwards the game’s manager revealed that the game would contain items that could be purchased in real currency (known as micro-transactions).

Regardless, it looks like we can expect something from the developer in the upcoming E3 digital. Although, of course, this never means anything. Are you hoping there will be new Borderlands? Or did they turn it into a different kind of game? Let us know in the comments!

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