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Boris Johnson’s luxury home renovation embarrasses the prime minister. The British regulator is conducting an investigation after former advisor Dominic Cummings claimed it may have been funded through gifts.

What started as a file Mud fight between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his former adviser Dominic CummingsNow, he’s getting a legal ending. In a heated dispute, Cummings claimed that Johnson had plans to renovate his 10 Downing Street apartment secretly by Conservative party donors. However, the Finance Act states that the Prime Minister must formally declare the costs that he incurs through donations.

The UK Election Commission is now responding by saying there are “reasonable grounds” to initiate an investigation into home renovation financing. 10 Downing Street has been renovated for £ 200,000, according to British media, while the Prime Minister will receive £ 30,000 a year for its maintenance. If the costs turn out to be higher, then the prime minister has to pay them out of his own pocket. The organizer can refer the investigation to the police and impose a fine of up to £ 20,000.

‘Great corruption’

Debate raged in the British Parliament. Overheated Boris Johnson has said several times that he paid for the renovation himself. His opponents hint that the prime minister did not reimburse donors for the costs until after the scandal broke out. Labor leader Keir Starmer called Johnson the “corruption pioneer” and accused him and his fiancée Carrie Symonds of choosing premium wallpaper at £ 840 per roll. Johnson avoided asking when exactly how the costs would be paid.

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Johnson was also asked about his controversial remarks The Daily Mail Behind closed doors. According to the newspaper, in October, the prime minister said in private talks about the upcoming lockdown that he “would rather see the bodies pile up” than impose a second lockdown. The prime minister vehemently denies saying this at all.

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