A trade conflict looms between France and the United Kingdom. Reason? fishing licenses

French Minister of State for European Affairs Clément Bonn threatens to cut off energy supplies to the United Kingdom. He tells this to French radio station Europe 1. The reason can be traced back to the conflict over the granting of fishing licenses to French fishermen around the British Channel Islands.

Since Brexit, French fishermen have been required to obtain a license from the British government to fish in their area. Paris applied for 169 licenses, but in the end received only 64. This means that the UK does not honor previous agreements. “Unacceptable,” says Secretary of State Boone. “Our patience has clear limits: the patience of despair and the patience of the hunters. We have been talking about this calmly and gently for nine months, but now enough is enough.”


In addition, the Foreign Secretary also criticizes the behavior of the United Kingdom: “They think that they can live on their own, and on top of that they attack Europe. It does not work that way, they are exaggerated and aggressive. ” Bonn indicated that France may cut off power supplies to the Channel Islands. These are now completely dependent on supplies from France.

Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, speaks of a “pragmatic and reasonable approach”. French fishermen think otherwise and target Jersey’s main port of St Helier. In May, French fishermen closed the port due to their dissatisfaction with the fishing rights granted. When France also threatened to cut off power supplies, the British government sent two naval ships to Jersey.

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In consultation with Europe, it will be decided whether or not reprisals against the UK will follow at the national or European level. Under a post-Brexit agreement, fishermen in British waters can continue to work. The British are also not complying with the Brexit agreements on the Northern Ireland border. They refuse to carry out the agreed checks of goods, much to the chagrin of Europe.


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