A tyrant wants to pay tens of millions to escape from prison

July 13, 2021 – 10:40 AM – World


Redouane Taghi is said to have saved tens of millions of euros to be freed by heavily armed commandos from an extremely secure facility (EBI) in Vught. This is stated in a report issued by the Council for the Enforcement of Criminal Justice and Youth Protection (RSJ).

It comes to the RSJ report from April, where telegraph He was the first to report. “A broker will be sought who will receive several tens of millions of euros for it. Finally, the complainant’s cousin appears to be appealing to the people for his release,” the report said. The report stated that this report came after Radwan Taghi’s lawyer appealed against the second extension of his stay at the Banking Institute. ad.

The report cites information from the criminal intelligence team, which shows that there are rumors in the criminal environment about the special commando group Taghi, which has heavy firearms at its disposal. Taghi’s cousin is said to be looking for people to realize the outbreak.

In addition, Taghe had given the order to investigate whether a Dutch diplomat could have been kidnapped in Africa, to use as a form of change for his release. Investigation services take this plan very seriously.

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