A wedding was disrupted by a person who identified himself as a cat (video)

Who is the boomer generation that still remembers the Dutch Youth Programme? He follows?

In the end, the children continued to attend to introduce themselves and imitate their favorite cartoon character.

Many years later, we suddenly live in a world where identifying yourself with a character or animal is not childish, but a bitter reality.

New bride Mystique Morris of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, experienced this too, when she suddenly saw a strange cow in the distance during her wedding.

Upon closer examination, it turned out to be a wet cat, but of the human kind.

The uninvited guest, who pretended to be a cat — with a cat mask, fake ears and tail and all — sat on his hands and knees behind the lakeside altar, attracting all curious eyes.

“The frustrating thing is that a lot of people cared more about her than me!” Maurice told Kennedy News. “I only get married once!”

What the wedding guests saw was a bully, known to be someone who identifies as an animal and takes extreme measures to act as such.

A Japanese man recently made the news because he earned €14,000 To look more like a collie.

And the groom? Well, this poor guy is suddenly stuck with two evil cats.

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