There are these myths about eating proteins

Are you getting enough protein every day? Many Dutch people don’t know how much protein they actually need each day. In addition, there are many misconceptions about protein intake, for example, that you should eat more on the day you exercise a lot.

Proteins are found in animal and plant foods, for example in legumes, beans, nuts, meat, fish, milk and eggs. The amino acids in nutrients are essential for building your cells and for several processes in your body, so getting enough protein is important.

Myths about proteins

Research by Verian, commissioned by Optimel, shows that 94 percent of Dutch people don’t know how much protein they need per day. The research also showed that people are not always well informed about their protein intake. For example, many people believe that proteins are especially important for athletes, while nutritionists emphasize that everyone should get enough protein.

And would it be better to eat a lot of protein at once? This is also a myth. According to nutrition experts, it’s a good idea to eat enough protein throughout the day, because your body can’t store proteins, as it does with carbohydrates, for example. 8 out of 10 Dutch people never think about when and how much protein they eat.

80% of Dutch people also mistakenly believe that you should eat more protein on a day when you exercise a lot.

You need more protein as you get older

Some Dutch people also believe that they need less protein as they get older, but the opposite is true. Proteins do help build and grow muscles, but they also help maintain them. As you age, it becomes important to maintain your muscles to maintain strength and ease of movement.

“Consuming enough protein throughout the day is crucial for everyone, but as we…
As we get older, this becomes more important, explains registered dietitian Nancy T. Hoven. “As we grow older, we experience physical changes and realize that our bodies are no longer as flexible as they once were. This is why it is wise to pay attention to protein intake later in life and add more protein to your diet. This helps in maintaining good physical health.” As you get older and it really benefits your body.

Tip: Eat proteins distributed throughout the day

As mentioned, unlike fats and carbohydrates, the body cannot store proteins. For this reason, it is smart to distribute the amount of protein you eat throughout the day, so that you get more benefit from it. Optimel research shows that the Dutch consume very little protein, especially in the morning. This may be because breakfast for 58 percent should be quick and efficient. As a result, many people cannot think carefully about the amount of protein they eat in the morning.

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