A white townhouse in London is the most expensive house in the world, costing €283 million.

House prices in the United Kingdom have risen dramatically in recent years, particularly in the capital city of London. No wonder the most expensive house in the country – even in the entire world at the moment – is located here. We are talking about the historic and architectural masterpiece ‘The Home’, the White House.


First you might think of the White House in the United States. The architecture, which dates back to 1818, creates a very official, almost presidential atmosphere. The location is fantastic: the building is located in the west of the capital near Hyde Park.

The mansion has nearly 2,700 square meters of living space and the building sits on four hectares of land. The space includes 40 bedrooms, as well as eight garages, a tennis court, a library, a sauna and a large dining room. If the property goes for £250m, the equivalent of €284m, it will instantly become the most expensive home in the world, reports Rob.

The entire two-storey estate dates back to the 19th century. It was designed by Englishman Decimus Burton and built by his father James Burton. This beautiful property is surrounded by a beautiful pond and lush, sprawling lawns.

The rear facade of the building bears many similarities to the White House in Washington DC “This is the British White House. It’s so special because it’s surrounded by a lake, endless lawns, and this beautiful back facade that looks like the White House. It’s just unbelievable,” a source told The Evening Standard.

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Saudi royal family

In 1998, the Saudi royal family bought the British property, which they eventually held for three decades. But since a loan of around €170 million has lapsed, the parsonage is now in the trustees’ name, along with a plane and an additional house in New York. The building once belonged to the University of London.

Beauchamp Estates and Knight Frank are the two estate agents responsible for selling the estate. Both specialize in high-end real estate sales. Despite the substantial deposit required for the home, the mansion is expected to sell quickly.

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