“I’m so proud of that!”

Famous singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is all over TikTok right now. The young star has a great sense of humor and can also write and sing beautiful songs. All of his fans are excited to hear this big news!

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Scotland. He listens the most “Someone I loved.” Not only is this the most listened to song, but it also holds the title of the UK’s most streamed song of all time! In addition, Lewis appears regularly on to your page on TikTok. He makes hilarious movies and wins everyone over with his charismatic personality. Now that Lewis Capaldi has amassed quite a few fans, he thought it was time to share the big news.

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Documentary on Netflix

Lewis Capaldi shares big news on Instagram. He announced with a funny video that the Scottish singer, in collaboration with Netflix, will release a documentary. in the documentary “How do I feel now?”You can get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his album “Broken by the desire to be sent from heaven”, which will be released on May 19. Not only will you discover the process of creating a new album here, but you’ll also learn more about the singer herself.

Gilles de la Tourette

Gilles de la Tourette sufferer Lewis Capaldi finds it very exciting to let his fans get so close. “I’m terrified that people will see this documentary, if I’m being honest, but I’m also very proud of it,” said the singer. “I hope you like it.”

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Making the movie began to show just how hard Lewis had worked making this album, but it later turned out that there was a lot more to it. He returned home to Scotland. You see how the young singer finds it difficult to become such a big star and how he misses his home. The documentary is about existence struggles And the most important thing about young people now is mental health.

The documentary “Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now” can be streamed on Netflix from April 5th.

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