A British boy slept in a tent for three years to raise money for charity, but now he chooses his bed again | outside

British teenager Max Woosi, 13, has slept in a tent every night for the past three years, and has raised more than £700,000 for charity. Three years later, he traded the tent for his own bed.

Max Woosey, also known as ‘The Boy in the Tent’, participated in the event in March 2020 at the age of ten. He was inspired after a family friend died of cancer. Over the next three years, the boy accomplished incredible things. For example, he took his tent to the house of Boris Johnson, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to camp there. He was also the recipient of many awards, including the British Empire Medal.

Max has raised over £700,000 for North Devon Hospice in his three-year campaign. “Max immediately funded 15 nurses for an entire year,” said Stephen Roberts, president of the nursing home.

To formally complete his work, Max is hosting a “Camping Festival” event today at the Broomhill Estate Hotel and Museum in North Devon, England. The venue predicts “a great day to celebrate Max’s achievement”. The festival is equipped with three stages, complemented by an exhibition of “Original, Never-before-seen Cinematic Memorabilia”. In the middle, visitors will find Brad Pitt’s sword and shield from the movie “Troy” and the original game board from “Jumanji”.

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“It was amazing that so many people reached out from all over the UK to celebrate my third anniversary, but I wanted to stay close to home and celebrate with friends and family nearby,” said Max.

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