“Is it a G class?”: A student makes an incomprehensible blunder during the American movie “Wheel of Fortune”

It was obvious to everyone except the contestant Khushi. Share the American student wheel of fortune And he made a huge mistake. Since then, the embarrassing event has gone viral on social media.

The American wheel of fortune It’s been around since 1983. Over the years, weird and hilarious answers have been given by participants. This also happened occasionally in the Flemish version of the programme. You may remember Flemish singer Ossebolle O.

Also in 2023, participants in the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ have not stopped making hilarious blunders. Contestant Khushi is living proof of this: when she guessed the letter ‘H’ correctly in a word search under the ‘food and drink’ category, everyone thought it couldn’t go wrong. All but one of the letters appeared on the game board. The combination “FRE_H TROPICAL FRUIT” (“Fresh Tropical Fruit”) is written there. However, this character combination was not clear enough for Khushi.

The presenter asked the student to guess the word or spin the wheel. Khushi did not act willfully about it. She turned the wheel and gave her an answer: “I’m going for a G,” she said. The audience could not believe their eyes and ears.

Khushi lost the round and also the ring to contestant Julianna.


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