Mental Health Week: Meaningful Connection

National Mental Health Week takes place from Monday, June 3 to Saturday, June 8. Subject in Amsterdam Meaningful connection. Connect with your neighbors during many free activities.

Start with breakfast in the neighborhood

A greenhouse will be built on Holendrechtplein where people can meet each other throughout the week. On Monday, June 3 at 10 a.m., Alexander Schulz, care consultant, will officially open the week here with a big breakfast in the neighborhood.

Activities in Amsterdam

There are all kinds of activities throughout the week in different parts of Amsterdam. The Glass Kas on Holendrechtplein in Zuidoost becomes a daily meeting place for neighbours. A party is being organized at Van der Pekbuurt in Noord and there will be a book ball at OBA Oosterdok.

Communication has a positive effect

It is important for people to communicate with each other. Socializing has a positive impact on mental health, whether you’re giving or receiving attention. Recent research shows that Amsterdam residents feel lonely, experience more stress and are less resilient. During Mental Health Week, we want to take a step towards solidarity in the neighborhood. When people feel like they belong somewhere, they feel less lonely and stressed.

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