Tata survey: 17% of IJmonders think the government is doing enough for health

Only 17 percent of IJmonders think the government is doing enough to protect their health. This is evident from a survey conducted by NH Nieuws on Tata Steel IJmuiden. A majority of 62% think the government is not doing enough.

Tata Steel – NH Media

Yesterday, this content was clarified again. Vivian Heijn, the new Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management, was visiting Wijk aan Zee at the time to meet with the villagers.

Sanne Walvisch of FrisseWind.nu felt like she heard afterwards, but it didn’t help After meeting with the minister. Walfish: “It is absolutely true that The Hague listens to our concerns with a great deal of sympathy and that they really do share those concerns. But they see no room in legislation and regulations for drastic action.”

Heijnen and Deputy Environment Jeroen Olthof also showed an understanding of IJmond’s mood. “Now we have to show that we’re meeting,” Heijnen said. “As a local and national government, and for my part as well, we expect to keep a close eye on things in the coming period.”

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Vivianne Heijnen and Jeroen Olthof – NH Nieuws

Olthoff spoke in similar words: “The only way to restore the population’s trust is to achieve real results.”

The results of the survey, conducted at the end of October and the beginning of November among about nine hundred IJmonders, point to two directions: the IJmond (and thus Tata Steel) should be cleaner and healthier, but Tata should stay too

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In order to address the problems and boost Egmond’s confidence, the outgoing Foreign Minister Stephen Van Weinberg approach plan To make Tata Steel stick to its ambitious cleaning plans (to the extent possible).

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A difficult task, because many of the (high) emissions standards for harmful substances are set by EU regulations that do not usually change quickly or easily.

Another bite

I followed the action plan Report from RIVM, which showed materials from Tata Steel had an increased risk of cancer and brain damage. At the end of January, confidence in Tata and the government was once again shaken by a subsequent RIVM study.

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This made it clear that Tata’s emissions of harmful substances are much greater than expected: Among some of the hazardous substances, Tata emits up to a thousand times more than would be expected on the basis of its own registration.

That was bad news, too, for the county: it checks the numbers provided by Tata.

More about the Tata Steel survey


The survey with questions about Tata Steel has been completely completed by 889 Residents of the municipalities of Velsen, Beverwijk and Heemskerk. This includes, for example, Wijk aan Zee and IJmuiden. The question in this article, about health protection by the government, has been answered 909 People.

For the survey, NH Nieuws collaborated with the research agency Kien, which has a lot of experience in preparing surveys. They previously collaborated with Omroep Fryslân on an investigation into A nuisance of F-35 fighter jets at Leeuwarden Air Force Base

In total, about 150 thousand people live in the municipalities of Egmond. NH Nieuws and Kien sent the questionnaire to five thousand random addresses in the municipalities of IJmond, evenly distributed according to the size of the municipality.

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179 ‘regular’ Kien respondents also completed the questionnaire. This group regularly participates in surveys conducted by the research agency.

We have taken a number of measures to ensure the scanning runs as smoothly as possible and have tried to reach the largest possible group of people from IJmond. The invitees received a link and a random access token that can be used up to one time.

According to Kane, following the survey “with 95% certainty say the answers The maximum deviation is 3.6 percent to the real situation.

Associate Professor Peter Lugtig, who specializes in research methodology, later looked at the research statement and was able to say that the numbers “all look good.”

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